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Chiropractic Services for Back Pain

Back Pain

Since back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, it is vital to know how to prevent the causes of back discomfort and pain. Maintaining a healthy diet and weight, remaining active, and avoiding prolonged inactivity or bed red are all great ways to avoid back problems. Before doing exercises or any physical activity, it’s always a good idea to warm-up your muscles and stretch.

Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to treat and prevent back pain by improving the biomechanics of the spine. Some other preventative measures include maintaining proper posture,  wearing comfortable, low-heeled shoes, and sleeping on a mattress of medium firmness  to minimize any curvature in your spine. It is always good to remember to lift with your knees and don’t twist when lifting. Also try and keep objects close to your body when lifting.

Subluxations can also contribute to back pain. Biomechanical improprieties can lead to premature degeneration and arthritis of the spine. Our team at Premier Chiropractic Solutions focuses on the analysis and adjustment of subluxations in all the joints of the body to promote health and wellbeing. While nothing is fool-proof, there are helpful ways to prevent yourself from becoming the next back pain statistic.

Premier Chiropractic Solutions Treating Lower Back Pain